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USA actively dissuading tourists?

Today the US government announced that tourists would have to pay $10 to obtain a tourist visa. The incredible thing is that this is being billed as a way to attract tourists, by helping to fund a national tourism campaign. Surely the best way to promote a country with many already well known tourist attractions would be to not charge people to enter it in the first place!


Perils and pleasures of holiday travel

An interesting account of the ups and downs of holiday travel can be found here

Abu Dhabi International Airport

One of the most bizarre looking, thought yet interesting looking airport structures I’ve seen in a while. A large dome which funnels into a central point. Off it are small Star Wars like pods where the planes dock.

The worst thing about the place are the acoustics – the tiles provide an echo which means you can’t hear the annoouncements – nearly missed the plane as a result!

Northern line at East Finchley underground station in the snow