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Credit where it’s due: Sepang GP circuit produced a good race

The design of the first section of corners, following on from two long straights ensured the cars were able to stay close and lots of overtaking manoeuvres were seen. In addition, cars that had been overtaken were able to come back at those that had gone by, due to the sequence of right-left-right turns 1,2 and 3. The aerodynamics are still a bit of a problem for following cars, but good circuit design definitely helps to promote close racing.


Villeneuve set for Stefan GP seat fitting: why?!?!

What is Jacques VIlleneuve doing going to a team that will be trailing around the back fo the grid for most of the year? They may have a reasonably establoshed former-Toyota chassis, but they will have done no testing even if they make it to the first grand prix in place of USF1. A former world champion should hope for more. – F1 News: Villeneuve set for Stefan seat fitting

Montreal back on F1 calendar

Gilles Villeneuve circuit Gilles Villeneuve circuit

Finally, Formula 1 is adding back a traditional venue to the calendar, where good quality racing and passionate fans often go hand in hand. Now for Silverstone hopefully….

The revolving doors of Formula 1: here come VW

Car manufacturers have been dipping in and out of Formula 1 for many years now, and I’m beginning to think that all this talk of developing cutting edge technology and applying it to road cars is a lie. It’s surely all about publicity. No sooner have 3 manufacturers (Honda, BMW and Toyota) left, then others have tried to take the exposure slot off them. First Mercedes increase their involvement by buying a team, and now VW want a piece of the action too. I guess there’s no rules to stop companied doing this (and after all they do bring investment into the sport), but it just highlights how Formula 1 has, sadly, become foremost a shopfront for manufacturers and sponsors to make short term impacts in other markets. Oh and there are also highly skilled drivers that offer exciting races…

Hanging up your car

Of course, this is in reference to the football expression hanging up your boots when you retire. The serious point is, will Ferrari really withdraw from 2010 championship? Personally, I don’t think so – this is just a negotiating position, now strengthened by other teams also wanting to pull out. The teams are not happy with the budget caps but especially with Max Mosley imposing rules on them. This is their chance to strike back cos with no teams, there’s no championship. A breakaway championship is possible (talked about a few years ago) but there probably aren’t enough teams interested to make it worthwhile. There’ll be 24 cars on the grid in Melbourne next year I think, but the finances of how they’ll all get there and how much they’ll spend during the year is yet to be finalised. Let battle commence…

Entries are in…

Here’s the list for F1 2009