Odds stacked in Schumacher’s favour on his return to F1

This may seem like an odd headline to be claiming in relation to a 41 year old coming out of retirement back into the unforgiving world of F1. However on closer inspection, several changes in formula 1 may be more familiar to him than some of his rivals. He has great experience of slick tyres from his early days, refueling was not a feature when he first started (it’s now banned) and downforce levels have been reduced in an attempt for the cars to race a bit more (i.e. Cars may handle similarly to pre 2000 levels).

The choice of team is also perfect for him. Small new team without expectant and restless fanbase like Ferrari, a previously winning car that has been developed on from early in 2009 and most important of all, a teammate who is also new to the car. This way Schumacher won’t be under the same immediate pressure of racing against a well established driver within the team, in the way that Jenson Button will have to face with Lewis Hamilton at Mclaren.

Expect to see Schumacher near the front of the grid in 2010!

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