Robinho’s change of heart over staying at Man City

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This morning I saw this most incredible story that Robinho actually wants to stay at Man City for 5 to 10 years! One amazing thing is that he even uttered these sentiments in English. However much more astounding is how this is a significant change of heart relative to his previous desire to go to Barcelona only a few weeks ago.

So, what’s changed? Well Barcelona seem to be doing just fine without him, so he may have been told he’s not wanted. However, I reckon Man City have promised him a bit of a sweetener. That can’t be in the form of money cos he already has plenty of that, but what about a superstar world class player as a new teammate in the upcoming January window? Which one? I have no idea but anything is possible given the way Man City went after and nearly succeeded in getting Kaka a year ago.

So don’t be surprised if a new face is playing for City by the end of January. I suspect he won’t be a forward as Robinho’s joy of being at City would fast diminish if he was relegated to bench-warming.

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  1. […] by Gabriel on December 28, 2009 It may not have been the only reason, but Robinho’s recent change of heart over his desire to stay at Man City may have had its roots in him knowing a little more than the rest of us re. Mancini taking over. […]

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