France vs Ireland: this is getting out of hand (!)

2009 Ireland - 0 FOOTBALL Robbie Keane celebrates scoring for Ireland against Cyprus 2009 - 0

Given that they weren’t able to replay the game, the Irish have now asked FIFA to be added as a 33rd team to the World Cup, 4 days before the draw is made.

These sentimental approaches to football just don’t work. Who’s to say that France wouldn’t have scored later in the game even if Henry’s infringement had been spotted? How many other incorrect refereeing decisions in any of the other group matches do we want to retrospectively correct? If FIFA accept this request (which I’m sure they won’t), they’ll end up very quickly with a massive list of countries trying to correct all sorts of results in the past. Perhaps we should turn the history books into some sort of Wikipedia experiment, which can just be edited by anyone depending on their point of view of the historical course of events.

One response

  1. Thoroughly agree.

    Amazing, though, over on our blog, the overwhelming majority seem to be in agreement with the FAI’s request.


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