Liverpool FC: the next Leeds United?

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This article in the Guardian begins to touch upon the financial implications of Liverpool failing to progress in the Champions League. Though they have a firmer financial basis than Leeds ever did, the parallels of over-acquisition of good but not great players, often at inflated prices (hence unable to recoup value by selling), combined with an assumption of uninterrupted success and the cash that brings,sets up a potentially dangerous financial scenario. Failing to finish 4th or higher in the league this year may continue to push things towards the Elland Road model.


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  1. Don´t think, Liverpool will be the “next” Leeds United. The Reds have a much better organizational structure and financial background than Leeds ever did (as you write correctly). In addition to that their player value is a lot higher and the fan base bigger which will LFC always keep “alive”. And obviously if Liverpool indeed misses out on CL football, or even worse also on the Europa League, the American owners can just sell the club with a big, big profit which will bring a lot of money in and this is what the Reds supporters want anyway.

    However, LFC is in danger of a massive drop – both financially and consequently in competitive terms – if they do not qualify for the Champions League. But a scenario as in Leeds is very unlikely in my opinion

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