Wigan players refunding the match tickets to fans: a dangerous precedent

2009 Tottenham 9-1 Wigan scoreboard - 0

It has been reported this evening that the Wigan players will do a round-up collection amongst themselves to refund the fans who travelled down to London to watch them being trounced by Tottenham Hotspur 9-1.

Well, in my opinion this all seems well and good, and very sporting of them. On this occasion this was clearly a poor performance. But where do we draw the line? Full refund for 9-1 defeat, but 50% for 4-1? Perhaps we can have a pro-rata refund rate depending on number of goals conceded? Once the game looks lost, will the away fans start to cheer against their own team in the hope of getting their money back? What if the team produces an unexpected away win? Will the supporters have to cough up an “away win bonus”?

Watching your football team comes with a health warning, with equal risks of highs and lows (depending on your relative expectation), and it is this great unknown (as well as the belief you can influence the match by shouting for your team) that is the essence of football support. Let’s keep the money side of things for the ticket shops outside the ground, and once inside, the football match shuld be watched purely as a form of unpredictable, non-refundable entertainment, as it’s always been.


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