Steve McLaren’s personal revenge Steve McClaren lifts the Eredivisie shield aloft

A once good manager, projected to have a bright future in management, was vilified by the nation and the press when he was the England boss. But for an unfortunate defeat in Moscow, England could well have qualified for Euro 2008

Anyhow, Steve McLaren then went to Holland to manage FC Twente. Again the press joked about his ambition and even his accent. Nevertheless, he has proved many wrong (or possibly reminded those that had forgotten him), by winning the Dutch title in his second season, after initially coming runner up in the first campaign and being forced to sell some of his better players. Anyone surprised if we find him managing a Premier League team within the next couple of yeas? Not me.


Starbucks’ instant coffee brings the coffee revolution full circle

Once upon a time, you’d struggle to find a cafe in London selling a good quality cup of coffee. Nowadays, partly thanks to the arrival of multinational chains such as Starbucks, such places are difficult to avoid. This is no bad thing, especially as this coffee revolution has largely been based on increasing the quality of the product, and the public now being that much more knowledgeable about aromas, bean grinding and other such coffee characteristics. With this in mind, Starbucks’ recent introduction of instant coffee into its range of takeaway drinks (see photo) seems somewhat an unexpected step. One suspects that market forces (i.e. the desire to sell more coffee) was responsible for this sudden shift in focus rather than clamour from their well established clientele. Nevertheless, given the importance of marketing, its success is likely to be judged not only by sales of the new product, but also by just how instantly other chains follow this move. Slow roast slogans make way for the instant brew…

Credit where it’s due: Sepang GP circuit produced a good race

The design of the first section of corners, following on from two long straights ensured the cars were able to stay close and lots of overtaking manoeuvres were seen. In addition, cars that had been overtaken were able to come back at those that had gone by, due to the sequence of right-left-right turns 1,2 and 3. The aerodynamics are still a bit of a problem for following cars, but good circuit design definitely helps to promote close racing.

John Terry runs into Chelsea official – is it the media’s responsibility?

So, driving out of stamford bridge at a crawl due to the media scrum surrounding his car, John Terry accidentally ran over someone’s foot. This was an unfortunate incident but this story should be more about the media’s role in the incident than John Terry’s. The unfortunate official injured was only there to protect the player from the mass of journalists trying to photograph the player. Perhaps they should have been focusing on the game that had just been played rather than trying to get a photo of a player, one which would reveal nothing but the face of a person driving through an unnecessary crowd.

Argentina to join the Tri-Nations

Finally, a decision that makes perfect sense: an exciting,yet relatively unknown sport to much of the world, needs to make the most of countries where it has greatest support. Despite being geographically distant, argentina have demonstrated that they would enhance the trinations tournament, further diversifying the sport from its British colonial roots. In turn, this will spread rugby’s global appeal to many other countries where it still remains a minority sport.

USA actively dissuading tourists?

Today the US government announced that tourists would have to pay $10 to obtain a tourist visa. The incredible thing is that this is being billed as a way to attract tourists, by helping to fund a national tourism campaign. Surely the best way to promote a country with many already well known tourist attractions would be to not charge people to enter it in the first place!


Villeneuve set for Stefan GP seat fitting: why?!?!

What is Jacques VIlleneuve doing going to a team that will be trailing around the back fo the grid for most of the year? They may have a reasonably establoshed former-Toyota chassis, but they will have done no testing even if they make it to the first grand prix in place of USF1. A former world champion should hope for more. – F1 News: Villeneuve set for Stefan seat fitting

Hope for a change in footballers’ behaviour

I hope that this relatively hard line by chelsea and england on player behaviour will teach footballers that they can’t get away with anything they like. The problem is that in some ways, macho thug-like behaviour is slightly revered by supporters for its toughness on the football pitch, which in turn may perpetuate the players’ feeling they are above the accepted morals of society.

Close up of rose covered in snow

A visual representation of winter overcoming all other seasons

Reasons behind Robinho’s love for City?

Manchester City crest

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It may not have been the only reason, but Robinho‘s recent change of heart over his desire to stay at Man City may have had its roots in him knowing a little more than the rest of us re. Mancini taking over. Perhaps the new manager had already told the player that he was part of his plans. Obviously more victories like the one over Stoke at the weekend (and perhaps a couple of world-class arrivals in January) will help persuade him there’s a bright future ahead at Eastlands. Otherwise his signing will end up looking more like a statement of intent over a year ago rather than some concerted plan of City’s to push for the top.

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